Why Rush Sigma Beta Rho?

Sigma Beta Rho is one of the premier national fraternities in the country; its Boston University Colony has quickly become one of the most active and respected fraternities on its campus. The Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho come from every creed, ethnic background, and culture. Our Brothers are diverse racially, religiously, culturally, and psychologically. If you would like more information on the activities of Sigma Beta Rho at Boston University or are interested in becoming a member of this brotherhood or are simply curious, feel free to contact our rush chairs.

-Empowerment of Society

Want to experience helping out the greater boston community? The Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho are very involved with giving back to our soceity through community service.  Each semester, Brothers average a total of 30+ hours of volunteers. The events range from… Working together on such activities fosters unity and collaboration among brothers, something that is not experienced when one volunteers alone. Our passion for the community has been recognized multiple time as we have received the Sigma Award from Sigma Beta Rho Nationals as well as the Excellence in Community Service Award from Boston University in 2011.

-Training Leaders for the Future

Sigma Beta Rho trains and develops leaders for the next generation. Their elusive network and mentoring give you the edge in development, and how to succeed. By holding frequent leadership seminars, we teach you what it takes to organize your time, excel academically, and develop into an integral member of any community. Once you become a part of Simga Beta Rho, failure is no longer an option.

Gaining the Academic Advantage
Want to get that 4.0 this semester? Sigma Beta Rho brothers KNOW how to excel in classes. With a Competitive Uniersity like Boston University, we have developed methods to ensure brothers mantain the best grades possible. We work together to ensure academic excellence through the institution of group study sessions, monthly academic workshops, and grade tracking programs. The network of fellow undergraduate and alumni brothers provides an excellent resource to excel in the classroom.


Sigma Beta Rho
Elusive jobs require those with exceptional skills. Our brothers are there; ready to help you reach your career goal and train you. Through our guidance, mentoring, and support network, you will have the proverbial upperhand. We are everywhere.

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