National History

The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. was founded on August 16, 1996 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The founders came together with a vision of an organization for the betterment and preservation of South Asians in the United States. They envisioned a Greek-Lettered organization to this extent in which membership would remain constant and growing and would facilitate involvement from its alumni members. They realized that in order for their vision to truly become a reality they needed to spread their principles and ideals to other college campuses and establish a nationwide network. August 22, 1998 witnessed the induction of several new members to Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. with whom brought the establishment of the Beta Chapter at the State University of New York at Binghamton. At this time eight men from three different universities would be given the status of founding fathers as they were the brothers who would establish the fraternity for years to come.


These eight men established this fraternity to foster the ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance amongst its members. They believed that through their bonds of brotherhood they would be able to establish an organization that would instill unity amongst its members, promote South Asian culture, and aid the greater community at large. They felt that the principles of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance would develop leaders from young men both as undergraduate students on their college campuses and as professionals in their lives upon graduation. These young men would serve as role models and mentors in their respective communities, break down barriers between different ethnic groups, and through their leadership would aid their communities in this country in attaining a better and brighter future than it would have had. It is to this end that the brothers of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. work so diligently towards to this day.

All the brothers strive to uphold the ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance so that one day our future may be a brighter one.

The modern day fraternity of Sigma Beta Rho has grown across the East Coast with fifteen chapters in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, and Georgia making us the largest and most expansive fraternity of our kind. With a stronghold of eight chapters and colonies in New York State and nationally headquartered out of New York City, Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. has become the most sought after organization of its kind. Together we work to establish the nationwide network that was envisioned by our founding fathers. As every day passes we realize that we are another day closer to that original vision. Through the years, we have carried our ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance beyond our original objectives. We accept brothers of all cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs and promote diversity within our organization. It is our belief that these three pillars help to create strong leaders for the community.