Boston University Chapter History 

The Roots of Sigma Beta Rho in Boston began as early as 1999. The ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance were brought to Boston College by one man, John Palmerson, Brother Shunun. Mr. Palmerson. Mr.Palmerson, along with other brothers who crossed at BC that following year, worked hard around the Boston College Campus to built a strong reputation. This reputation was hard to achieve, as Greek life is not recognized at Boston College. Despite this setback, the brothers at Boston College bieleved it was time to create a boston wide network of Sigma Beta Rho  and in 2000 the brothers seeked out to neighboring universities to fulfill this need. One of these universities happened to Boston University, and in 2000 several brothers from Boston University became apart of the Boston wide network of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity.

Mr. Nikhil Rajpal| Mr. Anil Rayasam

Several years later, Sigma Beta Rho nationals believed that the men of the Boston wide network of Sigma Beta Rho deserved chapter recognition based on their endeavors in the city of Boston and granted them the status of Eta Chapter.


By 2004, Sigma Beta Rho’s presence in Boston was diminishing. Due to several intra-fraternal conflicts and various other problems, the Eta Chapter ceased to exist.  While never offically recognized at Boston University, the Brothers of the Eta Chapter who were apart of Boston University graduated. A Revelation was in dire need.

In 2005, Seven young men with a vision to bring back the ideals set by the founders came together to revive Sigma Beta Rho at Boston University. In their search for true brotherhood in a milieu that celebrated their societal backgrounds while always paying the proper respect to their personal ideals and beliefs, these men successfully crossed into the fraternity and began their efforts to become recognized throughout the Boston University Campus.

Mr. Sapan Desai | Mr. Kishan Patel | Mr. Ashish Bhatia | Mr. Aakash Sancheti |Mr. Jay Patel| Mr. Niraj Shah |Mr. Shashi TIwari

As Remebrance is an ideal that all Sigma Beta Rho brother uphold to the highest degree, these seven men took on the status of the Gamma class to remember the Boston University brothers from the Eta Chapter.

In the time since the Gamma class revived Sigma Beta Rho at Boston University, the fraternity has established itself as a proverbial force on the BU campus and in the city of Boston, earning both official recognition by the University and the respect of fellow Greeks and students on campus. The fraternity also brought back the visions of a boston-wide network, and formed Sigma Beta Rho at Northeastern, which later became the Alpha Beta chapter. SigRho BU brothers have also served in numerous student associations on campus from local dance teams, Student Government, Greek councils, Global Brigades, Cultural Organizations, and a variety of other groups. To recognize the countless hours and passion that we have for our organization, we have received a multitude of local award from Boston University and national awards from Sigma Beta Rho Nationals.


For more information regarding the National History of our Fraternity, Please visit  our national website at www.sigmabetarho.com.