Welcome Fall 2016 Upsilon Line

Congratulations for crossing the newest addition to the BU Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. family, the Upsilon line Fall 2016 Roger Wang and Anton Njavro. Also congratulations to Jason Zhou for his new little.

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Welcome Spring 2016 Tau Line

Congratulations Jeremy Kwon for crossing the newest addition to the BU Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. family, the Tau line Spring 2016 Roy’al Sanyika-Hall and Jason Yu Zhou. Also congratulations to their bigs Nels Challinor and Omar Morgan.13043402_1535228756778422_7810361654097475407_n

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Insomnia Cookies Fundraiser

The BU Colony of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity Inc. is hosting a joint fundraiser event with the on-campus Insomnia Cookies!  On April 6th, 10% of all sales between 11AM and 3AM will be donated to our national philanthropy organization: SOS Children’s Villages, a global non-profit that works to connect abandoned and destitute children to foster families in protected villages.  No additional charge and no flyer needed, just head to the store and enjoy some delicious, handmade cookies!


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Burning Deep and Flatulent through “America’s Windiest City”

As our cramped Honda Accord swung pendulously around the wide turns encircling Albany like cement cobras, we stared into the heart of the pulsing, throbbing urban sprawl. The architecture resembled a child’s imagination. Antiquated castles rubbing shoulders with tremendous sky scrapers, nonsensical avenues ending abruptly against brick. But that wind, that powerful and popular Western wind tore across the road and threw our car forward. Perpetually, we tumbled on, passing white plains of freshly trampled snow and spindly trees that shook madly without peers. 24 hours of this rolling, roiling, going. Enough to exhaust even the most veteran travelers among us. And as we crested the hill to reveal the sparkling Rochester Campus exploding from the muffled ground, we thought that maybe, just maybe, the wind would run calm and cease. Maybe we could rest our weary ankles. But sadly, as soon as we arrived, the Eastern wind picked up to combat it’s virulent brother. And with its growth, we began to move, slowly at first, and then gaining momentum until we blasted once again through America’s Windiest City en route back to Boston.

-Brother Shadowfax

Regional Conference, February 2016, Rochester, New York


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Fairy Tale Mixer

Come ye gentle lord and ladies. The Knights of The Cobra cordially invite ye to the Annual Fairytale Ball. The King commands that all wear attire appropriate for the occasion.

More on https://www.facebook.com/events/1044474132262659/

wanted fairy tale

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Rush SPRING 2016

1723639_10207661898336139_5464236722987428181_nWelcome! The Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho are looking for prospective new members. As such, we’re opening our doors with an array of fun and inclusive events this Spring.

Sigma Beta Rho is a national multicultural fraternity. Our Boston University colony remains strong with a supportive group of tight-knit Brothers. However, we are always looking to expand. If you are interested in joining a fraternity, seeking to learn more about Greek life, or merely giving something new the ol’ college try, join us for any of the events listed below.

1/24- Football and Wings @ 49 Pratt St.
1/27 – Pool @ Jillian’s
1/29 – The Big Fang
2/1 – Informational #1
2/2 – Informational #2
And many more to be announced!

Note: To be considered for a bid to join our organization, you must attend two social events and one informational meeting.

More info on www.facebook.com/events/552030931621315/

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, please contact:
Nels Challinor (206)940-9949
Nick Hernandez (562)618-8575
Ankit Sinha (617)849-3406

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The Big Fang

Hey all! We’re kicking off the semester this Friday, January 29th, with the Big Fang. The party’ll start at 9:00pm at the Cobra Pit (49 Pratt St, Allston). Many of those who are of age will be leaving around 10:30 to celebrate in style, but the festivities will continue all night at the house, so come one, come all, come any time.

More on www.facebook.com/events/1086673714710237 (its gonna be a dance off like in The Neighbours 2014)


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